From the latest DSLR video systems to 4K image capture, RocketSpots has the cameras for whatever your project requires.

Each week RocketSpots broadcasts a live internet program for one of our clients. We can do the same for you on an ongoing or one-time basis.

We've got the monitors to make your studio shoot work. But monitors aren't that exciting to talk about so... that's all we have to say.

Our robust power system allows for the intricate and powerful lighting of anything you can shoot in our studio. has one of the largest studio spaces north of Sacramento, with a standing talk-show style set and a Hollywood-class greenscreen curving from the wall to the floor for full body, full image SFX shooting.
Founded by Emmy Award-winning producer/director Christopher Allan Smith, RocketSpots is a full service video production company which has made commercials, TV shows, reality show sizzle reels, product demos, documentaries, and most other types of video productions. If you need something said in video, let us do it for you.